QR Code on COVID-19 Test

If you need a QR Code on your COVID-19 test for travel, give us a call today! (858) 255-8325

✔ Our QR codes comply with international standards
✔ QR codes link to testing and medical certificates
✔ rt-PCR, rapid, and antigen testing available
✔ rt-PCR results with certificate and QR code returned in as little as 24 hours
✔ Results are always signed and stamped by a licensed physician

rt-PCR results with certificate and QR codeAre you flying internationally or domestically? Chances are, your destination might ask for or require a QR code on COVID test report or certificate. It is also likely that these COVID test reports must be provided by an approved laboratory. If you’re flying to the Middle East, you have likely come across these QR code requirements. Travelers are currently being asked to or required to provide QR codes for travel to Egypt, Dubai, and Turkey. This includes travelers flying on Emirates, EgyptAir, and Turkish Airlines. In some cases, these QR codes might link to pertinent traveler details including demographic information, health records, or other documents. In other cases, QR codes on COVID test reports might link to a digital copy of the test report itself, which may be used to verify the physical copy of the report at the airport. Either way, it is important that you comply with these requirements to avoid being turned away at your destination. If you need a QR Code on your COVID-19 test for travel, give us a call today! (858) 255-8325 *QR Code on COVID-19 test is extra charge

Learn About QR Codes on COVID-19 Test

QR Codes on COVID-19 TestAlthough QR codes may seem redundant or unnecessary, they serve as a convenient tool for airport agents to quickly scan and access digital files, such as COVID test reports and certificates, for verification purposes. This helps facilitate the travel process, increase the accessibility of medical documentation, and provide increased medical screenings at the airport. Please note, however, that many destinations require you to obtain COVID-19 testing at an approved laboratory. Make sure to contact your destination’s local consulate or health authority to verify if you must complete testing at a specific laboratory or location. If not, make sure that the COVID-19 test you are completing meets the technical and medical requirements of the destination country. At Dr. Peter Mann’s office, we provide rt-PCR tests, rapid COVID tests, VIP COVID tests, and antibody tests that each serve a unique purpose in the detection of current or prior COVID-19 infection. Simply contact us to book a convenient appoint, arrive at the scheduled time, and receive your test results within 6 to 24 hours depending on the time that you tested and the testing speed that you ordered. From there, we will process the test, generate a COVID test report, and provide a sign, sealed, and stamped certificate if necessary. These reports can also contain a QR code that links to a digital file of the report or to another document with patient details to meet the requirements of your destination.

If you need a QR Code on your COVID-19 test, give us a call today! (858) 255-8325

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