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In many cases, surgeons and other physicians rendering a procedure will require patients to obtain a medical clearance for surgery. These clearances provide the surgeon with the valuable medical opinion of another physician in regards to the patient's safety and risk factors as they relate to the scheduled procedure. In many cases, your surgeon will recommend that you obtain a medical clearance from your personal doctor, which may include the ordering of labs, imaging studies, physiology studies, and other medical testing. For most procedures, medical clearances for surgery generally involve, at a minimum, blood work and a detailed review of the patient's medical history as well as a review of current prescriptions and their interactions with any drugs that the surgeon may be prescribing for anesthesia or pain control.

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When sedation or anesthesia are used, surgeons will also oftentimes request that an EKG be performed to establish a baseline and verify the patient's heart health prior to the rendering of any anesthetic drugs. While medical clearance for surgery appointments can be an annoying step when you are preparing for your procedure, they are an incredibly important step in pre-procedure medical care that not only provide your surgeon with a glimpse of your health, but also guide his or her decisions in regards to your pre-op, peri-op, and post-operational care. Medical clearances for surgery thus increase patient safety and play an important role in your surgeon's ability to mitigate risks and perform a successful procedure.

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At Urgent Care La Jolla, Dr. Peter Mann's beautiful La Jolla office, we offer convenient, same-day medical clearances for surgeries and cosmetic procedures. Please call our office, and one of our friendly staff members will review yours and your surgeon's requests and paperwork, schedule your appointment with Dr. Peter Mann, and assist you in obtaining the medical clearance so you can undergo your procedure without a hitch. We make medical clearance appointments as convenient and easy as possible, offering same- or next-day appointments in nearly all cases. Your appointment will be with Dr. Peter Mann – a fellow-ship trained cardiovascular surgeon and emergency medicine physician – who offers patients his years of experience and breadth of medical knowledge. Dr. Peter Mann will order any labs, imaging studies, or other medical tests that your surgeon or facility requires. He will perform a detailed consultation to review your medical and prescription history. Finally, he will also complete any forms and certifications that your surgeon or facility requires and forward these to your surgeon directly.

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We are conveniently located in the heart of La Jolla Village!

7634 Girard Ave Ste J • La Jolla, CA 92037