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Everyone gets physical exams throughout the course of their life. Some people get sports physicals if they’re an athlete or basic physicals if they’re entering a new job or school. Physicals are performed by both nurses and doctors together. Each one performs a different task during the examination of the patient. This allows the procedure to move along more quickly.

Most people don’t choose to get physical exams willingly. There is often someone requiring them to get the exam. For instance, when you get hired for a new job, your employer will most likely want you to get a basic physical exam. The reasoning behind it is the same as a sports physical, although the basic physical is not as extensive. If you need a physical exam La Jolla, schedule your appointment today!

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The practitioner will merely test your blood pressure, heartbeat, body temperature, eyes, lungs, and tongue. They’ll also review your medical history and vaccination history too. The employer requires this because they don’t want to be liable in case you have a medical problem while on the job.

If you’re going to play sports for your school or a professional organization, they want to make sure that you’re physically capable of handling the strenuous activities that you’ll be going through. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child or an adult. Everyone gets sports physicals if they’re going to play sports on a team with other people.

A sports physical typically involves the doctor testing the mobility and flexibility of your limbs and joints. You’ll also receive the basic physical exam in addition to these other tests. If it turns out you’re healthy, then the doctor will send a copy of the examination results to the proper organization or employer.

The average person may pass their physical without any problems. However, there may be situations where the doctor places some restrictions on which activities you can engage in. This may not necessarily disqualify you from playing sports or getting hired for a job. That is up to the organization or employer to make that determination.

Physical exams are not the most pleasant thing to go through, but they’re usually done fairly quickly. On the upside, the employer will likely pay for the exam if you’re doing it for a job opportunity.

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