covid-19 test for school sports

COVID-19 Tests for School Sports

Is it time for you or your loved one to return to school sports? Chances are, the team requires you to obtain negative COVID-19 tests before or during your participation in school sports. These testing requirements are implemented to help make teams and schools safe as more and more athletes, coaches, and other staff return to in-person activities. Vaccines may also be required depending on the student’s age and local availability. Universal testing for athletes, coaches, and other staff makes the school sport environment safer as vaccines become widely available and the pandemic winds down in the United States. This is especially true given that most vaccines have yet to be approved for young children, which makes effective testing for young age groups critical to maintaining the health and safety of the team. Regardless, we understand that frequent COVID-19 testing can be a chore, especially for busy parents and college students. If you need a COVID-19 test for school sports, visit Urgent Care La Jolla today! (858) 255-8325

Learn More About COVID-19 Tests for School Sports

covid-19 test school sportsBetween planning your school and athletic training schedule, a COVID-19 testing requirement adds just one more thing to your plate on top of work, school, and team commitments. At Dr. Peter Mann’s office, Urgent Care La Jolla, we offer convenient COVID-19 testing that meets the requirements of most schools and universities. We offer effective COVID-19 rapid testing, rt-PCR testing, and antibody testing for patients of all ages. We do not currently offer vaccinations; please contact your primary care provider, university, or local health authority for vaccination access. If it is required by your team, we can also issue a signed and sealed medical certification that can be given to your school, team, or other requesting body to satisfy their testing requirements. Our office guarantees results in as few as 12 hours, depending on your needs and those of your school or team. If you need a COVID-19 test for school sports, visit Urgent Care La Jolla today! (858) 255-8325

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