Return to Work Certification

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many workers requiring a medical leave to quarantine due to symptoms, exposure, or a COVID-19 diagnosis. Whether your medical leave was related to the Coronavirus or not, many employers will request a “Return to Work Certificate” signed by a licensed physician before allowing you to resume work.  If you need a return to work certification give us a call to schedule your in-person or video doctor visit: (858) 255-8325, or you can contact us online!

A Return to Work Certificate serves two purposes. First, it gives your employer an expert medical opinion as to whether or not your job duties are safe for you to perform after the illness or injury that necessitated the medical leave in the first place. Second, it allows you to follow up with a physician before returning to work to ask any additional questions about your illness or injury as well as any home or workplace modifications that need to be made to accommodate you. A Return to Work Certificate is an important step required by many employers to make sure that you’re able to safely perform your job responsibilities.

return to work certification

Learn More About Return to Work Certification

At Urgent Care La Jolla, our expert urgent care physicians are available to provide you with Return to Work documentation if required by your employer. Simply call (858) 255-8325 to speak with our friendly front desk staff to book your appointment. You will be treated and examined by Dr. Mann, a licensed physician with over two decades of experience in emergency and urgent care medicine. During the appointment, please bring any documentation you have about your illness or injury as well as any specific forms required by your employer or HR department. Dr. Mann will perform a thorough medical examination to determine whether or not you can safely return to work. Dr. Mann will also provide you with additional treatment and diagnostic testing or refer you to specialty care if needed. Rest assured, you’re in good hands at Urgent Care La Jolla. Please call (858) 255-8325 today to schedule your Return to Work Certification appointment!