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Allergies cause inflammation to the respiratory system, especially if you already suffer from a respiratory condition like asthma. Once you inhale allergens, you’ll start to have trouble breathing. Allergens can be any airborne foreign substance, such as pollen or dust, which cause an allergic reaction in the immune system. We all have different immune sensitivities. Some people react differently to certain allergens than others. We depend on the immune system to keep us safe from pathogens like viruses and bacteria. Without the immune system, these pathogens would infect and harm the body. But if there is a harmless pathogen that is attacked by the immune system, this causes an allergic reaction. During an allergic reaction, chemicals are released in the body. That is when you’ll start to feel the common symptoms of allergies, such as trouble breathing, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and possibly nausea. The symptoms are even worse if you ingest the allergens instead of breathing them in.

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allergies la jolla

Allergies La Jolla: What to Do

Anyone suffering from allergy symptoms should go see their doctor first. A doctor can perform an allergy test on your skin to determine which allergens cause you to have an allergic response. Several more tests will be required if you have a preexisting condition like asthma. The common treatment for asthma is an inhaler. It releases medication into your lungs with the help of a chemical repellent.

If you don’t have asthma, then other treatment methods are available. One common treatment is immunotherapy. After your doctor discovers which allergen you’re sensitive too, he or she, over the course of many months, will administer a series of injections consisting of a purified version of the allergen. That way, your body can develop immunity to the allergen so that you don’t have such a severe allergic reaction to it with future exposures.

If you’re looking for simple over the counter medications, then antihistamines are the best choice. They’re good for treating minor symptoms of allergies, such as skin inflammation and sneezing. Oral pills are the most convenient form of antihistamines to take. But if you have watery eyes, use the antihistamine eye drops to target the problem directly.

Overall, try to prevent yourself from being around allergens if possible. Keep an air purifier in your home and keep your rooms clean. But if you must go outside, consider wearing a surgical mask on your face to cover your nose and mouth from exposure to allergens.

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