COVID-19 Testing for Travel to the Philippines

COVID-19 testing requirements exist for anyone traveling from the United States to the Philippines. You must follow these requirements to gain entry into the country upon your arrival. The general rule is that unvaccinated or partially vaccinated passengers approximately 15 years of age or older must receive a Rapid Antigen Test within 24 hours before entering the Philippines. Alternatively, passengers can take the RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) Test within 48 hours before entering the Philippines. Contact us today to schedule your COVID-19 test for travel to the Philippines: (858) 255-8325

Learn More About COVID-19 Testing for Travel to the Philippines

covid-19 test travel Philippines

You must take one of the two COVID-19 tests under the specified time conditions, or you will not be allowed entry into the Philippines. However, if you are fully vaccinated and possess your official COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to prove your full vaccination status, you will be allowed entry into the Philippines without needing a COVID-19 test. Your COVID-19 test results must return negative to indicate you are not actively carrying the virus. The test results cannot be older than 24 hours. But if your test results return positive, you should wait until the virus clears from your body before traveling to the Philippines. We recommend you self-quarantine yourself for about a week and then get tested until the results return negative.

Otherwise, if you show up in the Philippines with positive COVID-19 test results, you will likely have to go into quarantine for 1 or 2 weeks until your test results return negative. In the meantime, you will not be allowed into the country to travel alone until your test results return as negative.

Schedule Your COVID-19 Test for Travel to the Philippines

Urgent Care La Jolla offers official COVID-19 testing to anyone traveling to the Philippines. Our local clinic is a CLIA-licensed and CAP-accredited laboratory fully authorized to issue the RT-PCR Test or the Rapid Antigen Test to travelers going to the Philippines.

It only takes about 1 or 2 hours for the test results to come back, whether you take the Rapid Antigen Test or the RT-PCR Test. Just contact us to schedule an appointment to take one of the two COVID-19 tests at our facility in San Diego. It is conveniently located close to La Jolla, so the drive from La Jolla to San Diego is short.

We recommend you book your appointment for a time and date close to your departure time and date from the airport. That way, you can ensure you will not exceed the 24- or 48-hour timeframe required to get to the Philippines after getting your negative COVID-19 test results. Contact us today to schedule your COVID-19 test for travel to the Philippines: (858) 255-8325

**Disclaimer: Office of Dr. Peter Mann MD Inc is not responsible for changing COVID-19 test regulations, rules, mandates, air travel laws etc. We provide medical testing only.**

Preoperative Clearance for Surgery

What is Preoperative Clearance for Surgery?

Preoperative clearance involves a series of physical examinations you must receive before undergoing a surgical procedure. These physical examinations aim to determine the risk level associated with the surgery based on your current health status.

Your surgeon and doctors will determine which preoperative testing you need for your surgical procedure. Then, after the test results come back, the doctors can calculate the risk level, pick the best anesthetic options, and guide you throughout the process. If the doctors determine little risk, you will be cleared for surgery. Give us a call to schedule your medical clearance for surgery appointment: (858) 255-8325

Learn More About Preoperative Clearance for Surgery

Some examples of preoperative testing include electrocardiography, chest radiography, urinalysis, and laboratory testing. Mainly, the doctors want to see if you have an existing cardiovascular disease or related symptoms because it could increase the risk of health complications from a highly invasive surgical procedure.

Here are some examples of past or present symptoms that factor into our decision to issue preoperative clearance:

  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Liver Diseases
  • Cough
  • Cheat Pain
  • Heart Diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Blood Clotting
  • Bleeding Disorders
  • Kidney Problems
  • Heart Diseases
  • Heart Irregularities
  • Asthma

Preoperative Clearance San Diego

Our preoperative clearance testing is a same-day procedure requiring an appointment with the doctor. Once you arrive for the appointment, you’ll receive the necessary tests, such as X-rays, electrocardiograms, and laboratory work. We work hard to ensure all the preoperative testing is done in one day, so you don’t have to keep coming back or going to different facilities for the various required tests. You must wait 24 to 48 hours for the full test results to return. After that, the doctor will send you all the test results directly, including their recommendations on whether it was too risky to get the surgery. They will list all the risk factors, explain what they are, and how surgery can enable them.

Urgent Care La Jolla will do everything possible to provide accurate test results and recommendations for surgery preparation. We want you to go into the surgery understanding the risk versus the reward.

Visit Our Clinic for Preoperative Clearance

Urgent Care La Jolla has been one of the leading San Diego facilities for performing preoperative clearance testing on people planning to get surgery. You can trust our team of dedicated physicians and medical professionals to evaluate your health status and surgical risks accurately.

Your health history is the primary factor that determines your risk and eligibility for the surgeon you want or need. Therefore, a comprehensive investigation into your health background is essential for deciding preoperative clearance. Give us a call to schedule your preoperative clearance appointment: (858) 255-8325

covid-19 test for travel to japan

Japan COVID-19 Tests for Travel

Are you planning to travel to Japan? Before you book your airplane tickets, you should be aware of the Japanese Government’s current COVID-19 testing requirements. Many travelers from western parts of the world no longer need to present a visa if they are staying in Japan for three months or less. However, you should be aware of specific vaccination and point of entry testing requirements before flying to Japan. That way, you can take the necessary steps to fulfill these requirements so that you are not denied entry into the country. Call us at (858) 255-8325 to make your appointment for COVID-19 test for travel to Japan!

Learn More About Japan COVID-19 Tests for Travel

What are the Vaccination Requirements?

japan covid-19 test for travel

International travelers are not required to be vaccinated. However, all unvaccinated passengers must submit a negative test certificate from an authorized testing center before leaving for Japan. The certificate must be submitted 72 hours before the airplane departure time to Japan. If it is not a direct flight to Japan, the certificate must be acquired in the country where the passenger is flying directly to Japan. All vaccinated travelers are not required to produce a negative COVID-19 test certificate within 72 hours of their flight departure time. Instead, they must submit a valid vaccination certificate issued by an authorized government or public institution. The certificate must specify that the passenger received three doses of any vaccine approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization. Some authorized COVID-19 vaccine brands are Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, and Janssen.

New Restrictions for Travelers from China to Japan

China has lifted its tough COVID-19 restrictions on travel. But due to the high infection rate throughout the country, the Japanese Government has recently imposed stricter requirements for travelers from China wishing to enter Japan.

Any passenger who has traveled to China within the last seven days before arriving in Japan will have to undergo a point-of-entry inspection. Not only that, but all travelers from China taking direct flights to Japan will be subjected to point-of-entry testing for COVID-19.

Negative test results will permit travelers to enter Japan without any further delay. On the other hand, positive test results will require travelers to remain in quarantine at a government-approved hotel for seven days. Periodic testing will be conducted until the quarantined passengers receive negative results. After the quarantine, passengers with negative test results can enter Japan.

Remember that you do not necessarily need to be a Chinese national to have these rules apply to you. For instance, if you are a U.S. traveler who has been to China within the last seven days, the same travel requirements still apply to you. Keep that in mind.

Request an Authorized COVID-19 Test for Travel to Japan

Do you need to find an authorized CLIA-certified laboratory to take your COVID-19 test in La Jolla? If so, you can make an appointment to visit Urgent Care La Jolla.

We administer official PCR tests to detect traces of genetic material from the virus in your body’s RNA (ribonucleic acid). Our lab technicians can have the test results back to you within 24 hours.

Call us at (858) 255-8325 to make your appointment for COVID-19 test for travel to Japan!

migraine headaches la jolla

Headaches Vs. Migraines: Learn About Treatment Options

Headaches and migraines are two words people like to use synonymously to describe pains or aches in the head. However, there is a slight difference between the two that you should understand before seeking treatments for them. If you are experiencing a migraine in La Jolla, San Diego and need treatment, give us a call today! (858) 255-8325

Learn More About Headaches Vs. Migraines


A headache describes a continuous painful feeling in the head. The pain could be the result of an independent or secondary medical condition.

For instance, primary headaches are due to independent medical conditions forming in the head, such as tension headaches, cluster headaches, hypnic headaches, and migraine headaches. Secondary headaches are due to other medical conditions causing the head pains, such as medication overdoses, stress, anxiety, depression, infection, insomnia, etc.


A migraine is one of the four primary headaches you could get. The difference between migraine headaches and the other three primary headaches is that you may experience additional symptoms beyond severe head pains.

For instance, migraine pains and symptoms often occur in unexpected episodes or attacks where you feel intense throbbing headaches for several hours or days. The severity of the migraine pains differs each time they occur. Also, you may feel head pain on one side of your head or both sides. Everyone feels it differently.

In addition, some of the other migraine symptoms besides the head pains are neck stiffness, frequent yawning, mood swings, constipation, light or sound sensitivity, food cravings, blurred vision, jumbled speech, and many other possible symptoms.

Treatment Options

headaches migraine la jollaWhen you visit your primary care physician for advice about treating headaches and migraines, they will probably tell you to take over-the-counter medications first. For example, acetaminophen or anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin can effectively treat mild headaches and migraines. But if you have more severe symptoms of pain and discomfort from your headaches or migraines, you may need a prescription medication to treat it. Popular prescription treatment options for primary headaches and migraines include anti-nausea medications (beta-blockers), triptans, and ergot alkaloids. You could also try more indirect treatments for other conditions that may exacerbate your headaches or migraines, such as antidepressants, Botox injections, and antiseizure medications.

Of course, the healthiest medicine doesn’t involve consuming any oral medication. Instead, the best long-term treatment options for reducing or eliminating headaches and migraines include regular exercise, nutritious eating, stress management, and relaxation techniques.

Please see a doctor for further advice and guidance regarding your headaches and migraines, especially if they are recurring as frequent episodes or attacks. A doctor can conduct a physical examination to determine the condition causing your headaches or migraines. Then you can receive treatment to eliminate the other condition, which will eliminate your headaches and migraines in the process.

Request a Medical Diagnosis Today

Do you need help diagnosing your head pain to determine if you have a migraine or another type of headache?

Urgent Care La Jolla has a team of qualified doctors who can perform a physical examination to determine the source of your head pains. Call us at (858) 255-8325 to make an appointment today.

COVID-19 Tests for Travel to China

COVID-19 Tests for Travel to China

Are you planning on traveling to China in the near future? If so, you must understand the most recent COVID-19 travel requirements for international travelers wishing to enter China. The Chinese Government has established specific health codes to protect the public from COVID-19. These health codes require international travelers to take two PCR tests at two separate laboratories that are CLIA-certified and receive negative results on those tests. Travelers must do this within 48 hours of getting on an airplane and flying to China. Otherwise, they won’t be allowed to enter the country. If you need a COVID-19 test for travel to China, give us a call today to schedule your appointment: (858) 255-8325

Learn More About COVID-19 Tests for Travel to China

COVID Test Travel to China

The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test requires a lab technician to extract a sample of ribonucleic acid from you and amplify it to look for traces of genetic material from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. That is the virus which causes COVID-19 to infect the body and strike the respiratory system. The PCR test can effectively detect COVID-19 early before any severe symptoms develop. That is why it’s a required test for all international travelers coming to China.

The Steps for COVID-19 Testing

1) Take the Two PCR Tests

Visit two different CLIA-certified laboratories to get your two separate PCR tests. You must wait 24 hours after the first test before you can take the second test. That means you must do the second test within 24 hours before you board your plane for China. Both tests must come back negative.

2) Apply for a Health Declaration

You must apply for a health declaration at the Chinese Embassy before the 48-hour deadline. They will want to see test reports from the CLIA-certified laboratories showing the date, time, and results of the PCR tests.

The health declaration application and the required documents can get submitted online here. Make sure you have the following documents ready to upload:

• The PCR test results (showing you have negative results)
• A copy of your flight itinerary for China
• A copy of your Passport
COVID-19 infection history and all previously experienced symptoms

The Chinese Embassy will want to verify the authenticity of the documents you submitted to ensure the information is accurate. Once the embassy has verified the authenticity, they will issue you a copy of your health declaration. You must take this declaration with you on your trip because Chinese officials at the airport will want to see it.

3) Quarantine

Foreign travelers will be required to quarantine for at least seven days after arriving in China. However, some locations in China will require you to quarantine for up to two weeks. Make sure you find out about the quarantine requirement at your Chinese destination before traveling there.

Visit Our Urgent Care for COVID-19 Tests for Travel to China

Urgent Care La Jolla operates a CLIA-certified laboratory in La Jolla. You can come to our facility for one of your two required PCR tests that need to be done before getting on your flight to China. Our turnaround times usually take between 24 to 48 hours, accommodating the 48-hour requirement of the Chinese Embassy. In most cases, you should have your PCR test results back within the same day. If you need a COVID-19 test for travel to China, give us a call today to schedule your appointment: (858) 255-8325

Preoperative Electrocardiogram

Preoperative Electrocardiogram

When a patient with cardiovascular disease needs surgery, a preoperative electrocardiogram (ECG) is required to evaluate the heart’s electrical activity before the surgery begins. In other words, it evaluates how well the valves and chambers of the heart are pumping blood. The ECG records this activity, so the surgeon can determine if the patient’s at risk of experiencing a cardiac-related issue during surgery. If you need a preoperative electrocardiogram call us today to schedule your appointment: (858) 255-8325

Learn More About Preoperative Electrocardiogram

Some countries depend on anesthesiologists to conduct heart evaluations before a patient gets surgery. This is because anesthesiologists specialize in managing the patient’s vital functions, such as blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate. However, a cardiologist is better equipped to conduct preoperative cardiac evaluations because heart health is their specialty. An anesthesiologist may seek assistance from a cardiologist if the patient has preexisting heart issues.

Risk Stratification

Preoperative Electrocardiogram for surgeryDoctors use risk stratification to determine how much risk a patient faces if they undergo a particular surgery, whether cardiac or noncardiac surgery. A preoperative clinical evaluation will discover the various clinical circumstances that could cause a bad outcome from the surgery. For example, the risk stratification of cardiac surgery has over 20 potential risk scores and numerous clinical and demographic variables. Doctors use these risk scores to evaluate the likelihood of the patient suffering a health problem during or after cardiac surgery. Noncardiac surgeries have risk models as well.

Of course, no single risk model or score gives a 100% accurate prediction about whether a patient will suffer cardiac complications. However, risk stratification evaluates the risk factors within three particular evaluation groups: minor risk predictors, intermediate risk predictors, and active cardiac conditions.

Best Time to Order an ECG

There is a particular algorithm proposed for patients who’re undergoing noncardiac surgery. The algorithm suggests that patients should receive ECGs if they’re undergoing emergency life-saving procedures or any other intermediate or high-risk surgical procedure. Some of these procedures requiring an ECG include reconstructive surgery, breast surgery, gynecologic surgery, endoscopic surgery, dental surgery, and plastic surgery.

If the ECG records abnormal heart activity, a more comprehensive heart evaluation should be conducted by a cardiologist. The specialist will have to review the patient’s medical history and perform a physical examination, stress test, and another echocardiogram evaluation on the patient. That will be followed by a diagnostic workup, drug therapy, and perioperative management. But if the initial ECG results show healthy heart activity, the patient can proceed to the surgery.

Low-risk noncardiac surgeries only require a clinical evaluation. If the clinical evaluation results find the patient to have a low cardiac risk, they can proceed right to the surgery without needing an ECG. But if they have a high cardiac risk, they must undergo a comprehensive cardiologic evaluation and diagnostic workup.

Contact us to schedule your preoperative electrocardiogram!

Would you like more information about preoperative electrocardiograms and how cardiac risk assessments are conducted? Urgent Care La Jolla can answer your questions and help determine if a preoperative electrocardiogram is suitable for you to get before your surgery. Call us at (858) 255-8325 to make an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss your options in greater detail.

COVID-19 Testing in La Jolla

What Are My Options for COVID-19 Testing in La Jolla?

COVID-19 testing has been an essential preventative health measure for the last two years. Even though effective vaccines have been developed to prevent serious illnesses from the coronavirus, people can still spread this respiratory disease to others who may not be vaccinated. That is why it is critical to get tested for COVID-19 when planning to be around many people at a job, event, or family gathering. Contact our professional staff at (858) 255-8325 to schedule an appointment for a COVID-19 test or if you have any questions.

Are you wondering what kind of COVID-19 test you should get in La Jolla? There are at least three different types of COVID-19 tests available. Let’s break down what they are below.

Learn More About COVID-19 Testing in La Jolla, CA

Antibody COVID-19 Testing

la jolla covid-19 testing

Doctor holding a Positive Result for COVID-19 with test kit for viral disease COVID-19 2019-nCoV. Lab card kit test for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 virus. Fast test COVID-19.

Have you had COVID-19 in the past? Are you unsure if you’ve had COVID-19 already? An antibody test is a special blood test to detect COVID-19 antibodies in the blood. If the blood test shows your bloodstream has COVID-19 antibodies, it signifies that your immune system has already developed antibodies to fight a previous COVID-19 infection. However, an antibody test cannot diagnose whether you’re currently infected with COVID-19. But, it can help determine whether your body is strong enough to resist COVID-19 if you get re-infected. Of course, you should try taking every precaution imaginable to prevent reinfection because there are no guarantees of how well your antibodies will respond to the virus.

Molecular COVID-19 Testing

Molecular testing is the most accurate COVID-19 test to determine whether someone has contracted the virus. A doctor or nurse will insert a swab deep inside your nose to take a mucus sample from you. After that, the swabbed mucus gets sent to a laboratory where technicians can examine the mucus more closely to see if it contains genetic material from COVID-19.

The upside of a molecular test is the accuracy. The downside is that you have to wait longer for the test results because the swab has to get sent to a laboratory. So if you’re not in a hurry to know whether you have COVID-19, molecular tests like RNA and PCR tests are the best for you.

Antigen COVID-19 Testing

Antigen testing is the fastest COVID-19 test you can get. These tests are usually offered in drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites and allow you to get the results back within 15 to 30 minutes. A mucus sample still gets taken from your nose, but it isn’t sent to a laboratory like a molecular test. Instead, on-site technicians quickly examine the mucus for signs of COVID-19 antigens.

The upside to antigen testing is that it can accurately detect COVID-19 antigens when they’re in your system. The downside is that you may need to wait five days after getting infected for your system to show signs of COVID-19 antigens. Therefore, it is possible to be infected with COVID-19 and still have the antigen test results returned negative.

Contact Us For COVID-19 Testing in La Jolla, CA

Do you have questions about the various COVID-19 testing options and their level of accuracy? Do you need to schedule a COVID-19 test in La Jolla? If so, Urgent Care La Jolla can help.

Urgent Care La Jolla offers all three COVID-19 tests at our La Jolla facility. Contact our professional staff at (858) 255-8325 to schedule an appointment for a COVID-19 test or if you have any questions.

Paxlovid Treatment for COVID-19 in La Jolla

Paxlovid for COVID-19 Treatment

Pfizer has produced an antiviral drug treatment for people diagnosed with COVID-19. Paxlovid is the drug found to be almost 90% effective at reducing and preventing severe symptoms associated with contracting COVID-19. The World Health Organization strongly recommends the treatment to anyone at high risk of getting severe symptoms from COVID-19.

Paxlovid has been around for a while now. But you’ve probably never heard of it before because few doctors have prescribed the drug to their patients. In fact, many pharmacies reportedly have large supplies of Paxlovid sitting on their shelves because few patients are filling prescriptions for it.

Anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 would be eager to try any drug that could reduce potential symptoms and save their life. Our office can talk to you about the options available. If your provider feels that Paxlovid is a good fit, he or she will make sure that you have access to it. If you are looking for Paxlovid treatment for COVID-19 in La Jolla, give us a call today to schedule your appointment: (858) 255-8325

We Prescribe Paxlovid Treatment for COVID-19 in La Jolla

Paxlovid Treatment La JollaHave you been diagnosed with COVID-19 or suspect you have contracted the virus? If so, you should visit Urgent Care La Jolla as soon as possible.

Paxalovid is only available with a doctor’s prescription. Urgent Care La Jolla is one of the few healthcare facilities in La Jolla with doctors who will prescribe Paxlovid treatment to patients at high risk of getting severely sick or dead from COVID-19. The medicine comes in the form of tablets which you must consume orally over five days.

Our certified doctors follow FDA guidelines in determining who qualifies for the Paxlovid treatment. The eligibility requirements focus on the current medical conditions and health status of the patients. For instance, if you have a chronic health problem like obesity, asthma, or diabetes, you would have a better chance of qualifying for the Paxlovid prescription.

The reason is that anyone testing positive for COVID-19 with these other health conditions will be at a much greater risk of severe illness or death. Paxlovid would be the best treatment in this scenario because it inhibits the growth and replication of the COVID-19 virus in the body. In addition, subsequent doses of the drug will fight the virus and stop it from causing you further symptoms.

Contact our facility at (858) 255-8325 to set up a consultation with one of our physicians about the possibility of getting a Paxalovid prescription. We will never ask you to break quarantine to get the prescription because we wouldn’t want anyone else to be endangered. That is why we offer telehealth consultations over the phone, so you can stay at home and speak with a doctor. Then if you qualify for Paxlovid, we’ll electronically transmit the prescription to any pharmacy you want.

Learn More About Paxlovid

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has officially authorized using Paxlovid as an emergency treatment for adults and certain pediatric patients whose SARS-CoV-2 viral testing returned positive. However, the patients must be at high risk of getting severe symptoms from COVID-19 that could lead to hospitalization or death. Pediatric patients must also weigh a minimum of 40 kilograms and be at least 12 years of age. If you are looking for Paxlovid treatment for COVID-19 in La Jolla, give us a call today to schedule your appointment: (858) 255-8325

*The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, and those seeking personal medical advice should consult with a licensed physician. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider regarding a medical condition.

la jolla covid-19 test for travel

Rapid COVID-19 Testing San Diego

The rate of COVID-19 infections continues to rise in big cities around the country, especially San Diego. As a result, there is a growing demand for fast and efficient COVID-19 testing at health clinics throughout San Diego. One such health clinic is Urgent Care La Jolla. If you need rapid COVID-19 testing in San Diego, give us call today to schedule your appointment: (858) 255-8325

We are conveniently located in the Village of La Jolla: GET DIRECTIONS

SPECIAL OFFER: Book your PCR COVID-19 Test with Results in 1 hour.  We will come to your La Jolla Hotel for no extra charge!

RT-PCR Test (Lab On-Site)

  • rt-PCR COVID-19 results in 30 minutes! NO WAITING!

  • Gold standard COVID-19 testing

  • Accredited laboratory on-site

  • CLIA Certified/fully licensed medical facility

  • Accepted by most airlines & US embassies in foreign countries

  • Soft nasal swab

  • QR code on COVID-19 test (extra fee)

Rapid Antigen Testing

  • Test results in 15 minutes

  • Gold standard for COVID-19 testing

  • Certificate included with test results

  • Accepted by most airlines

  • Open 7 days a week

  • Test reimbursable by most insurance companies

Call us to schedule your rapid COVID-19 Test! (858) 255-8325

same day covid testing for travel

Learn More About Rapid COVID-19 Testing San Diego

Types of COVID-19 Testing

There are multiple types of COVID-19 tests available. The differences pertain to how the tests get performed, their level of reliability, and how long they take to deliver results.

Let’s take a look at the different types of tests:

Expedited PCR COVID-19 Test – The PCR test is the most popular COVID-19 test. It is a polymerase chain reaction test, where a nasal swab collects genetic material so that it can be tested for the virus. You can usually get the results on the day after the testing.

Rapid PCR COVID-19 Test – Here is a same-day version of the PCR test. So rather than wait until the next day, you can get the PCR test results on the same day you take the test. This option is popular amongst travelers who’re required to take a COVID-19 test.

Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test – The antibody test doesn’t detect the COVID-19 viral infection. Instead, it detects whether you have the proper COVID-19 antibodies to generate a positive immune response against the virus. People who’ve been vaccinated or infected already should have these antibodies available. This test will confirm it.

Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test – The antigen test is another COVID-19 test with same-day results. It tests for specific proteins found on this coronavirus to determine if you’re infected. You can usually get the results within 30 minutes.

Appointments vs. Walk-ins for Rapid COVID-19 Testing San Diego

rapid covid-19 testing for travel la jolla

Remember that same-day testing requires you to make an appointment at Urgent Care La Jolla. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that same-day testing will be available to walk-ins who haven’t made an appointment.

Do you manage a business or event? If so, you can have Urgent Care La Jolla set up COVID-19 testing services at a specific time and place for your organization. Contact us for more information on this service. (858) 255-8325

QR Code on COVID-19 Test

If you need a QR Code on your COVID-19 test for travel, give us a call today! (858) 255-8325

✔ Our QR codes comply with international standards
✔ QR codes link to testing and medical certificates
✔ rt-PCR, rapid, and antigen testing available
✔ rt-PCR results with certificate and QR code returned in as little as 24 hours
✔ Results are always signed and stamped by a licensed physician

rt-PCR results with certificate and QR codeAre you flying internationally or domestically? Chances are, your destination might ask for or require a QR code on COVID test report or certificate. It is also likely that these COVID test reports must be provided by an approved laboratory. If you’re flying to the Middle East, you have likely come across these QR code requirements. Travelers are currently being asked to or required to provide QR codes for travel to Egypt, Dubai, and Turkey. This includes travelers flying on Emirates, EgyptAir, and Turkish Airlines. In some cases, these QR codes might link to pertinent traveler details including demographic information, health records, or other documents. In other cases, QR codes on COVID test reports might link to a digital copy of the test report itself, which may be used to verify the physical copy of the report at the airport. Either way, it is important that you comply with these requirements to avoid being turned away at your destination. If you need a QR Code on your COVID-19 test for travel, give us a call today! (858) 255-8325 *QR Code on COVID-19 test is extra charge

Learn About QR Codes on COVID-19 Test

QR Codes on COVID-19 TestAlthough QR codes may seem redundant or unnecessary, they serve as a convenient tool for airport agents to quickly scan and access digital files, such as COVID test reports and certificates, for verification purposes. This helps facilitate the travel process, increase the accessibility of medical documentation, and provide increased medical screenings at the airport. Please note, however, that many destinations require you to obtain COVID-19 testing at an approved laboratory. Make sure to contact your destination’s local consulate or health authority to verify if you must complete testing at a specific laboratory or location. If not, make sure that the COVID-19 test you are completing meets the technical and medical requirements of the destination country. At Dr. Peter Mann’s office, we provide rt-PCR tests, rapid COVID tests, VIP COVID tests, and antibody tests that each serve a unique purpose in the detection of current or prior COVID-19 infection. Simply contact us to book a convenient appoint, arrive at the scheduled time, and receive your test results within 6 to 24 hours depending on the time that you tested and the testing speed that you ordered. From there, we will process the test, generate a COVID test report, and provide a sign, sealed, and stamped certificate if necessary. These reports can also contain a QR code that links to a digital file of the report or to another document with patient details to meet the requirements of your destination.

If you need a QR Code on your COVID-19 test, give us a call today! (858) 255-8325