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Urinary tract infections describe a condition where bacteria enter the urinary tract. From there, the bacteria go through the urine tube known as the urethra. This tube is connected to the bladder where urine is stored. As a result, the bacteria infect both the urethra and the bladder.

You’ll know when you have an infection in these areas because they’ll both feel irritated and uncomfortable as if they’re burning. But if you’re a man, then you’re less likely to get a urinary tract because your urethra is long. This means the bacteria must travel a lot further to get to the bladder. However, in a woman, their urethra is shorter, so they’re more prone to getting the infection in their bladder.

Contrary to popular belief, urinary tract infections are not transmitted by sexual activity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sexually transmit the bacteria which causes it. It is more common for the bacteria to be transmitted through oral sex, so be careful if you engage in that activity. To be safe, you should seek treatment for your urinary tract infection before engaging in any kind of sexual activity. Make sure your partner does the same thing. If you need treatment for a urinary tract infection in La Jolla, schedule your appointment today!

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It is easy to recognize the symptoms of a urinary tract infection because they’re quite painful and irritating. Each time you go to urinate, your penis will feel like it’s burning. You may also feel the compulsion to urinate, but then end up peeing very little. On the flip side, you may end up urinating more than usual too.

The most severe symptoms are when your urine smells weird or looks cloudy. Sometimes you could experience pain in your lower back or abdomen regions of the body. If you’re lucky, you may not experience any symptoms if you have a urinary tract infection. But, in most cases, you’ll experience at least one symptom.

To treat a urinary tract infection, you need to visit your doctor and have them prescribe you antibiotics. The infection should go away after 3 days of actively taking antibiotics. It is important that you seek treatment quickly because the infection could spread to your vital organs and cause even more health issues.

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