How to Protect Yourself From COVID-19 & The Flu

With both flu season and the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, you should vigilantly take precautions to protect yourself, your family, and the people you interact with. People who are at risk for severe complications of COVID-19 are at an even higher risk with the flu and COVID-19 viruses circulating concurrently. As a reminder, risk factors for COVID-19 include pre-existing heart or lung disease, obesity, and old age — a significant portion of the American population. Here are some steps that you can continue to take to protect yourself and the people you interact with from both the flu and COVID-19:

mask protect from covid-191. Wear your mask. COVID-19 is an airborne disease, according to recent guidance from the CDC. Wear a clean, well-fitting mask that covers both your mouth and nose anytime you enter a place of business or worship, come in contact with people outside your household, or engage in any other indoor activity. Although outdoor activity is generally safer than indoor activity, we still recommend that you wear a mask to minimize your risk. Masks are essential especially if your outdoor activity brings you within 6 feet of a person outside your household.

2. Wash your hands frequently. Wash your hands before you leave your house and frequently while you are out, especially after using the restroom or interacting with high-touch surfaces like door handles, ATM buttons, or gas pumps. Lather with soap and water for 20 seconds up to your elbows, then rinse with warm water. If hand washing isn’t available. Make sure to bring hand sanitizer with you in case hand washing isn’t available.

3. Limit contact with people outside of your household. Follow local health ordinances in your area. Generally, the less direct interaction you have with people outside your household, the smaller your risk of contracting either the flu or COVID-19. If you do plan on interacting with people outside your household, wear a mask and wash your hands when possible.

4. If you have symptoms, self-isolate and get tested! Testing without a doctor’s referral is widely available in San Diego. Please visit the website to register for a COVID-19 PCR test in your area performed without a doctor referral. If you are symptomatic, you should immediately take steps to self-isolate and contact your doctor for next steps. If your symptoms are severe or worsening, please call your doctor or visit your local emergency room.

With flu season arriving, it is extremely important to continue practicing preventative steps to avoid both flu and COVID-19. If you need urgent medical care, please contact Urgent Care La Jolla at (858) 255-8325. We are also offering virtual doctor visits if you are unable to come to our clinic.

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Dr. Peter Mann