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How to Survive Cold & Flu Season in San Diego

The cold and flu season is brutal to all of us. It is the season when the leaves fall from the trees and change colors. You’ll wake up one day and notice that you have a sore throat, nasty cough, runny nose, or a number of other symptoms. How can you prevent yourself from getting any worse? Could you have taken some preventive action to avoid these symptoms? Keep reading to learn more about how to survive cold and flu season in San Diego. If you need to see a doctor immediately, visit Urgent Care La Jolla ASAP.

Tips for Surviving Flu Season in San Diego

The trick to surviving the cold and flu season is avoiding as many people and things as possible. Since you’re breathing in a lot of cold air outside, you’re likely inhaling germs, dust, and a lot of other airborne particles that are going to make you sick. While you cannot avoid these elements of the air, you can certainly take better care of yourself by watching who and what you interact with.

First, stay away from anyone whom you know is sick. If you see someone coughing in your house or at work, keep your distance from them until their symptoms go away. But if this sick person is your spouse or someone you love, then wash your hands often and ask them to do the same. You could even dust, disinfect, and clean all the surfaces in your home.

Do not share your food or beverages with someone else. Only drink from a clean glass, and only eat from a clean plate. Otherwise, germs could very easily be spread around to various people like you. If you can, only drink from a purified water bottle. Do not trust any open beverage containers because they’re likely contaminated with someone else’s germs.

A completely balanced diet is always a good thing, but it is even more important during this season. Eat foods with a lot of zinc and vitamin D in them because they will strengthen your immune system. Take a multivitamin one time per day with a meal in order to pack in the nutrients even more. You’ll want to focus on immune health the most during this season. If you can succeed, then your cold and flu symptoms will go away a lot faster than normal.

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