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As you have likely realized, flying internationally during the coronavirus pandemic can be complicated given that most countries and regions have developed their own COVID-19 travel and entry guidelines. These requirements can vary by country, state, and even city and can make international travel a confusing process that often requires doctor visits, COVID-19 testing, visa approvals, and documentation that conforms to the destination government’s standards. Furthermore, your ability to enter a given country or region can depend on your nationality, reason for traveling, and whether or not you have a visa approval from the local consulate or embassy. At Dr. Peter Mann’s office, our friendly staff assists you in navigating these complications through our convenient Fit to Fly certification process. A Fit to Fly certificate contains all of the information that your destination requires and is completed and signed by Dr. Peter Mann, a licensed physician. Our Fit to Fly certification process is tailored to meet both the documentation and COVID-19 testing requirements of your destination so that you can fly safely and conveniently, with guaranteed COVID-19 PCR testing timeframes.

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Traveling to Indonesia or beautiful Bali from the United States, or vice-versa? Then you’ve likely heard about Fit to Fly certifications. According to the Indonesian Consulate, as of February 9 2021, only diplomats, airline or transportation crews, Indonesian nationals or permanent residents, or travelers who hold a valid visitor visa or temporary stay visa are allowed to enter the country’s borders. Travelers without existing Indonesian documents must apply for a visa to obtain entry by visiting Most travelers, regardless of nationality or visa status, who wish to enter Indonesia must obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of their flight’s departure to Indonesia. Traveler’s must also complete an electronic health certification by visiting and may be subject to a 5-day quarantine upon arrival. For travelers who are continuing their journey from Jakarta to Bali, please visit the Bali provincial website to learn more about any additional requirements for domestic travel within Indonesia. There are specific requirements that must be met to be granted entry into the country, which is why a Fit to Fly Bai & Indonesia Certificate completed by Dr. Peter Mann is so convenient for travelers. Our office removes as many complications as possible, and our knowledgeable staff have the experience and training needed to navigate the various entry requirements of the Indonesian government. We also provide both rapid and PCR COVID-19 testing with guaranteed results that comply with Indonesia’s testing and timeline standards. For more information on Indonesia’s entry and travel requirements, please visit the Consulate’s website at

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