There are all kinds of injuries that can be inflicted on you, such as burns, broken bones, cuts, scratches, lacerations, and scrapes. Injuries are considered traumatic when they’re life-threatening or debilitating in nature. These types of injuries will require you to seek medical care immediately.

You can visit an urgent care facility or emergency room, depending on the severity of the injury. Sometimes you must act quickly, or else it could mean the loss of a limb or your life. But if your problem is a broken bone, then you’ll have limited functionality in that area of your body until the bones heal.

A doctor will give you an x-ray to find which bone is broken and which treatment will work best for it. In all likelihood, the doctor will provide you with crutches and a cast to help the bone heal itself without getting disturbed in the process. The directions of the doctor must be followed. Do not remove the cast or move without crutches unless the doctor has approved it. If you need treatment for an injury in La Jolla, schedule your appointment today!

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Learn More About Treatment for Injuries in La Jolla

Lacerations are worse than your standard cuts. They are often irregularly shaped cuts that go deep through the flesh and contain debris and bacteria contamination in them. This contamination was introduced by the knife or object that was responsible for the laceration. It’ll require a lot more than a Band-Aid to fix this problem.

To treat a laceration, the doctor needs to close the wound. That can be done in several ways, depending on the severity of the laceration. A less severe wound will need bandaging or a special adhesive glue made for skin. But if the wound is too deep, then stitching will be required.

As for burns, doctors can’t do much other than clean the wound with antiseptics and antibiotics. After it’s cleaned, they’ll bandage up the affected skin and give it time to heal. Don’t put any pressure or impact on the burned skin area until it’s completely recovered.

To save money, you should choose an urgent care facility for treatment if you have mild injuries or moderate injuries. Severe cases that cannot wait will require a hospital for treatment.

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